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Voltage Management, Voltage Optimisation, Voltage Power Optimisation, Voltage Optimisation plus Regulation and Stabilisation, are all terms which describe the various technologies that reduce your incoming mains voltage to lower levels resulting in lower electricity bills, a reduced carbon footprint and saving your organisation money.

These all work based on the fact that UK mains voltage is on average 242V whereas most electrical equipment is designed to operate most effectively at 220V. Reducing this high incoming mains voltage delivers reduced electricity bills and many other benefits.

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Each of these Voltage Management technologies delivers results in different ways all with varying degrees of success and effectiveness.  Our eVO+R™ Voltage Optimisation plus Regulation is recognised as the world’s leading technical systems offering:

  • True Voltage Management
  • Voltage that is intelligently Optimised and Regulated – not just reduced by a fixed % like most other Voltage Optimisation systems available
  • Maximum savings possible and delivers a clean regulated voltage
  • Guaranteed Return On Investment

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