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Biomass & Biogas

Biomass and Biogas

Biogas comes from anaerobic digestion, or gasification. Biomass generally comes in the form of wood pellets, chips or logs.

The fuel is burnt to drive a turbine generating power with a useful heat by product.

Ideal for sites with own fuel source, the units can be scaled from small enough to power and heat a single room, to large industrial scale plants.

What are the benefits?

  • Cost
    • The price of fuels can vary massively, however, it is generally found they are cheaper than traditional generation methods.
  • Incentives
    • Subsidies in the form of the Renewable Heat Incentive may apply.
  • Sustainable
    • Fuel sources are readily available and timber plantations are quickly regenerated.
  • Significantly lower carbon emissions
    • CO2 emissions are much lower than ‘conventional’ sources of heating.


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