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Biomass & Biogas

Biomass and Biogas

Bio Fuels take the form of traditional Organic matter. Biomass generally comes in the form of wood pellets, chips or logs. Biogas comes from anaerobic digestion, or gasification. If solid, the fuels can be combined with other waste products to enable a site to effectively self-power.

The fuel is burnt to drive a turbine generating power with a useful heat by product. The heat can be used around the site in it’s existing form as simple hot air. It can also have it’s state altered by utilising Absorption Chillers to produce what is effectively free cooling. It can also be recycled through an ORC to drive another turbine and produce more electricity. Each site is going to be completely different in size, requirement, usage and configuration, however, there are numerous successful installations that we can demonstrate for you.

Ideal for sites with own fuel source, the units can be scaled from small enough to power and heat a single room, to large industrial scale plants.

What are the benefits?

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  • Cost
    • Dependent on quality, the price of fuels can vary massively, however, it is generally found they are cheaper than traditional generation methods.
  • Incentives
    • Subsidies in the form of the Renewable Heat Incentive may apply.
  • Sustainable
    • Fuel sources are readily available and timber plantations are quickly regenerated.
  • Significantly lower carbon emissions
    • CO2 emissions are much lower than ‘conventional’ sources of heating.