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Voltage Optimisation

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Voltage Optimisation (VO) is a relatively well known technology amongst the Energy reduction marketplace, but few are aware that this technology has taken giant leaps forward in recent times. The following guide provides answers to the most commonly asked questions concerning VO.

What is Voltage Optimisation?

VO technology offers the capability to reduce incoming mains voltage to save energy.  1st generation ‘fixed’ VO technologies can only reduce voltage by a fixed percentage. More developed technologies can reduce and maintain a consistent output voltage but often have limited capabilities.

What is the latest VO technology?

Efficient Power Solutions has developed a higher specification VO system, known as eVO+R™. It takes fluctuating incoming voltages and stabilises them to give a clean, consistent output. This is usually set at the optimal 220V and ensures continuity of supply and increased resilience against an ever more unstable electrical supply grid.  The secret behind the success of eVO+R™ is its unique ‘Buck and Boost’ technology, which maintains the outgoing voltage at the optimum level whatever the incoming mains voltage.

Does this technology come recommended?

The use of VO management technologies is advocated by The Carbon Trust in its Voltage Management Guide CTG045 as a means of providing a key foundation for carbon reduction activities. Indeed, a comprehensive approach to the reduction of carbon emissions should in all cases begin with the incoming electricity supply.

What does CTG045 say?

The Carbon Trust’s CTG045 explains the benefits of VO, how it works, and prescribes a methodology on how site surveys should be conducted. This has developed a minimum standard for the industry and helped end users understand what VO is all about and how it is applicable to their needs.

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We offer a range of voltage optimisation technologies to suit your needs:

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