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Distribution Infrastructure

Electrical Distribution Infrastructure

Unless your site has its own generation, such as Solar or Wind Power, it’s highly unlikely that you had any say about how that power is delivered to you, and only minimal input into the distribution of the power around your own site. It may be that it was done many years ago and things have changed, or you need a means of getting more power into your plant. Either way, plug-and-play rarely applies when it comes to building supply infrastructure. It requires expert support to ensure that not only regulations are met, but that you’re also gaining maximum efficiency from this vital piece of your operational jigsaw.

Points to consider

We should stress that we’re only talking about Medium and Low Voltage here. The most likely scenario is that you’ll have an MV to LV transformer, with associated switchgear, and perhaps some filters and power factor correction. If the site warrants, it may have multiples of this, or you may share a transformer with other local sites. It is possible that, if you have multiple transformers, they aren’t loaded efficiently and this will be costing you money.


As with all engineering solutions, infrastructure technology has moved on apace in recent years and become more efficient. Transformers have to be built to an Ecodesign Standard and other elements, such as PFC, have improved in capability. As long term panel builders, we understand that even the switchgear element is more efficient due to lower losses designed into circuits.

Power Quality

A growing issue is the prevalence of Harmonics, which can cause tripping and damage to equipment around the site. Many types of equipment (variable speed drives, electronic ballasts, etc.) and computers generate harmonics within their line supply. The effects produced can sometimes be significant heat and vibration potentially reducing the efficiency and service life of such equipment as capacitor banks used for power factor correction.

If you need help

Feel free to contact us to discuss carrying out a survey of your existing infrastructure. Combined with our Power Quality Monitoring, we can provide a comprehensive report and help you plan the best way forwards.