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Energy and Power Quality Surveys

Energy and Power Quality Surveys

Although the belief has been growing gradually for many years, it is accepted in Industrial and Commercial arenas that a reduction in energy consumption is not only beneficial for the site in question, it’s also good for business. Increasing pressures on management, however, and a lack of knowledge, mean that many do not know where to start or what to do once the decision has been taken.

ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) led larger companies to undertake energy audits, however, it’s potentially SMEs that could achieve quicker returns if they looked at things more closely.

Efficient Power Solutions carries out comprehensive, affordable energy audits for SMEs. These energy audits identify scope for energy reduction, find hidden energy drains, and provide a starting point for greater energy-efficiency.

How do they work?

A typical energy audit involves:

  • Review of energy data

Half Hourly (kWh) consumption data and/or previous yearly billing information is analysed.

  • Site survey

A survey of the equipment load on site is undertaken, using the Carbon Trust’s well-established, trusted methodology.

  • Comprehensive analysis

Using the data and survey results, a comprehensive energy profile of the site is drawn up.

  • Recommendations for further energy saving

The most appropriate and cost-effective energy-saving solutions are detailed, complete with projected payback periods and ROI.

Benefits of energy audits:

  • Unlock instant savings by removing sources of energy waste
  • Highlight defective or misused equipment
  • Plan long-term energy-efficiency improvements
  • Use as a starting point for behavioural change