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Working with us


Does your organisation simply measure energy use through the cost set out on your bill? This often stems from a reliance on cheap energy; the UK has some of the most competitive energy prices in Europe. The cost of all types of energy is set to rise for a number of economic and political reasons such as commodity price rises or taxation and levies which would pay for keeping an ageing infrastructure of both generation and grid from failing. Companies will need to start taking control of their energy use seriously to avoid mounting energy bills.

Is energy classed as a simple overhead, or do you consider the unknowns as a risk? Large price rises will have an impact on profitability, security of supply is perhaps even more vital. Combined, there could be a significant impact outside of your control, unless you have a plan in place to lessen that effect.

With some key information, Efficient Power Solutions can complete an evaluation for your sites to determine the potential for savings and a provisional return on investment.  We have a simple questionnaire which will allow us to begin the process free of charge, or call our team on 01909 569016.

The next step is a detailed no obligation site survey including comprehensive data logging.  Our approach has been developed in line with the Carbon Trust guidelines.  Our survey will identify will give you a true and accurate evaluation of the potential for you to save with our technology.

Using the data and information which has been gathered and analysed, we will prepare a detailed proposal containing confirmed costs, installation designs, guaranteed savings and return on investment.

Installations are completed using our own experienced engineers and project management team ensuring on-time successful project completion every time.


Efficient Power Solutions has a number of partners across the UK offering the very best expertise in the field of energy efficiency and exceptional customer service.

If you are interested in joining us as a partner please get in touch with us.