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Voltage Stabilisation

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Self Manage your supply

The increasing use of renewables feeding into the grid continues to provide challenges for consumers. Demand is constantly fluctuating and this results in significant frequency shifts. Whilst the main grid level tactic to cope with this is Frequency Response, it can also impact on your incoming supply. A site that requires a steady, controlled supply, will benefit greatly from the control offered by Voltage Stabilisation. Whatever that requirement, we can offer advice and solve any problems you may have.

Where do we differ?

Efficient Power Solutions’  eVO+R™ Voltage Optimisation plus Regulation system is the world’s technical leader in the field of Voltage Management. Maximum savings are achieved with unparalleled control of the regulated voltage through our unique Buck & Boost technologyThis technology means that the eVO+R is the only system to be fully  compatible with the smart grid. At the same time, it provides a vital stable supply for your mission critical applications. Our systems fully compliment your electrical infrastructure, providing a robust power supply without introducing risk.
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Efficient Power Solutions have uniquely adopted the Carbon Trust’s methodology for conducting, evaluating and reporting on Site Surveys. This enables us to accurately determine the appropriate system specification and accurately forecast the savings to be delivered with our Guaranteed Return on Investment.
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This in-depth site survey and energy audit is an essential part of evaluating your site’s compatibility for energy savings with Voltage Management or any other technology.
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Efficient Power Solutions eVO+R™ Voltage Optimisation plus Regulation systems  typically generate up to 30% greater savings in electricity usage than step-down transformer systems – maximising your opportunity to reduce your electricity bills, carbon footprint, save more money and achieve the highest Return on your Investment.

Technical Details can be found here

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