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The Carbon Trust has published a detailed report on the effectiveness of Voltage Management at reducing electricity usage and your carbon footprint.

Voltage Dependent devices consume power proportional to the supply voltage – the higher the voltage the higher the power consumption – and if you reduce the voltage you’ll use less electricity. A 1% decrease in supply voltage will cause a 2% reduction in power demand – saving you money.

Voltage independent devices however, are designed to consume at a fixed voltage regardless of the supply voltage and with these savings are not possible.

There are some types which are “partially dependent” but the majority of your equipment on site will be Dependent or Independent. Savings are possible on Voltage Dependent devices – and not on those that are Voltage Independent.

Determining what these savings could be for you requires a comprehensive Site Survey and evaluation.  Without an engineer attending site to carry out an in-depth survey and mains analysis the savings cannot be determined.

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Their document – “Voltage Management Guide” CTG045, describes in some detail how it works, under what circumstances electricity savings can be achieved and provides a clear methodology on how to evaluate how Voltage management can help you.

Click here to download the Voltage management guide (CTG045)

e-fficient Energy has uniquely adopted this Carbon Trust methodology to ensure our Site Surveys and recommendations are true reflections on the potential that Voltage Management technology can offer in helping you reduce electricity usage and costs.