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eBC – Single & Three Phase Battery Chargers

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The eBC range of battery chargers can be used in a wide range of applications requiring DC charging, from manufacturing and emergency lighting systems to leisure equipment. The eBC range of chargers are of modular structure using microprocessor based control systems driving thyristor and diode based power sections.

What is the eBC range suitable for?

The eBC range of battery chargers are suitable for charging Lead Acid, Nickel Cadmium &
Dry type batteries. It covers DC voltages of 12 450V, and currents from 1A to 1000A.


  • Product Range 12 – 450V DC, 1-1000A (Multi Parallel)
  • Single Phase and Three Phase input versions
  • Automatic Float boost charging facility
  • Less than 1% Ripple
  • Microprocessor based control system
  • Intuitive LCD display and simple mimic diagram
  • Audio and Visual outputs for alarms or trips
  • External Battery connection
  • Battery Discharge protection with Low Voltage Disconnect unit
  • Silicon Dropper unit for regulation of DC Supply
  • Manual control function through the LCD for DC Voltage & Current

Download our technical datasheet for more information, or contact us.

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