Brexit: How are low carbon industries reactingEfficient Power Solutions

Efficient Power Solutions asks: how are low carbon industries reacting to Brexit?

Efficient Power Solutions asks: how are low carbon industries reacting to Brexit?
Britain has spoken; the UK will leave the EU. Set up to bring Europe closer economically, transparency and bureaucracy issues have dogged the EU’s progress; this latest crisis presents the greatest challenge yet to its future.

However, despite the pros and cons, there is little argument that Europe has led the battle for carbon mitigation and green energy; delivering powerful laws that now stand on the precipice of ruin.

So, here at Efficient Power Solutions, we have reviewed the media and the news feeds to find out: what some of key figures in the ‘green sector’ think of Brexit.

Craig Bennett, chief executive, Friends of the Earth:

“The referendum may be over but many of the difficult debates are only just beginning.

“The environment must be at the heart of our negotiations with Europe and how we create a positive future for our country. We cannot let the UK return to the days of ‘the dirty man of Europe’. Protections for our birds and wildlife, our beaches and rivers, must not be sacrificed in the name of cutting away so-called EU ‘red tape’.

Martin Baxter, chief policy adviser, IEMA:

“In establishing the UK’s future direction, Government must develop progressive policies for the UK to transition to a low carbon, resource efficient and sustainable economy which delivers real social value over the long-term. It must seize the opportunity to accelerate the transformational change needed to meet long-term sustainability challenges and provide a much-needed boost to UK jobs and productivity.”

Julie Hirigoyen, Chief Executive, UK Green Building Council

“Brexit is already sending shockwaves through the construction and property sector, the scale of which won’t be clear for some time. It will be a tough trading climate that will impact companies both large and small.

“We will take the argument to Government that a low carbon, sustainable built environment is good for UK Plc, and that this requires a clear and consistent policy landscape – in or out of the EU.”

Is there any clear prediction for tomorrow?

Here at Efficient Power Solutions, we believe the simple truth is, no commentator, politician or journalist yet knows what Brexit will bring.

In spite of this, there are some key steps to be taken among the low carbon lobby. Brexit or no Brexit, global warming continues. Brexit or no Brexit, energy prices are rising; supply fears remain, energy efficiency remains a panacea to these challenges.

Therefore, the best thing the UK’s low carbon business can do is carry on, pushing ahead with the challenge to deliver a fundamentally greener, more efficient UK in which to live and work.

In this way, we can continue the UK’s global leadership on the environment, and prove that within or without the EU, we remain a country committed to sustainable jobs and energy.

And while all this goes on, consistent lobbying at the highest level, to ensure none of the EU’s good work on green legislation goes wasted is vital. Equally, lobbying to bring together a fractured, concerned and nervous UK should be top of the priority list.

Next steps…

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