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Efficient Power Solutions’ new National Sales Manager spells excellence for 2017

Efficient Power Solutions’ new National Sales Manager spells excellence for 2017
Power management specialist Efficient Power Solutions has welcomed new National Sales Manager Kevin Simmonds to the team, ahead of an exciting launch of new products and services in 2017.

Kevin brings with him a wealth of industrial and commercial energy sector and infrastructure experience. This comes together with a 30 year background in sales, operations and engineering across multiple sectors.


New National Sales Manager, Kevin Simmonds.

Next year, Kevin will be working alongside Technical Director Steve Gunn and Operations Manager Dave Taylor to supervise and launch a series of innovations, building upon the voltage stabilisation and drive technology already offered by Efficient Power Solutions.

“I’m delighted to be joining the business at this key time in its development,” explains Kevin.

“We already have a respected name in the marketplace and an ability both to innovate and deliver on our promises. Looking forwards, we’ve got a fantastic opportunity to introduce some new solutions into a market that continues to ask for help in managing energy consumption. My job is to get that message out there, grow that client base and it’s a challenge I look forward to with relish.”

For Efficient Power Solutions; 2017 spells innovation and expansion

Kevin has come to Efficient Power Solutions now because the firm is expanding its work portfolio, and will announce both a rebrand and new products in the New Year.

The expansion stems from a rush of enquiries for more expansive energy reduction solutions in the UK. In recognition of this, the shift to new, improved technological offerings and the rebrand will both come in January 2017.

“Customers can look forward to receiving detailed information about the expanded portfolio in coming weeks,” Kevin comments. “It will incorporate improvements and expansions in our offering, across areas such as load management, power generation, monitoring and usage reduction.

“This is something we have been looking to do for a long time,” comments Efficient Power Solutions’ Managing Director, Duncan Biggins. “We’ve invested heavily in R&D to make sure things are ready to be taken to market.

“We’ve now got the right team in place to drive it forward and believe that we can make a real difference to our customers.”

Watch this space for further details on Efficient Power Solutions’ plans for 2017.