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Energy projects don’t have to be complicated!

Energy projects don’t have to be complicated!
As engineers dealing with Energy Projects, we have a lot of discussions, and our MD, Duncan Biggins came up with the phrase above. We were discussing an opportunity related to Battery Storage, linked to Demand Side Response. A third party are influencing the client, selling their heavily commoditised product as a panacea, seemingly providing two opposing outcomes. What’s our take on this?

Take a step back

We start by speaking to clients about what they’re trying to achieve. Conflicting opportunities mean that it can be difficult for them to know where to start. The question we ask is, how does your energy policy sit in line with your operational plans? If, by carrying out a specific measure, you impact on your ability to service your own clients’ needs, then is that the best course to take? What’s the driver? Efficiency to enable increased production is different to saving money.

Figuring it out

In the constantly maturing Energy Management sector, it’s rare to find an organisation that doesn’t know about the easy measures. Technology has shifted. What was once a simple lighting or motor replacement is now a software controlled and remotely managed package. It’s very easy to be taken in by bright lights and promises, especially when it’s seemingly complicated and marketing is slick. Help is readily available. Organisations such as EDIE not only act as industry portals, they also provide very well written guides, such as this one on Demand Response. In the same way, we are not only able to advise clients but also deliver those solutions. Perhaps most importantly, we’ll be there afterwards to provide support, we can even manage it for you.

Why does it seem difficult?

No matter who the solution provider is, it’s often the case that, the narrower their portfolio, the more complex they will make it seem. Presentations are filled with mathematical formulae, salesmen talk of “silver bullets” and “the only way”. Glossy brochures expound the virtues of the latest magic box. As engineers, we take a different view. It’s in our interests to keep it simple, not only for delivery, but also for operational purposes.

How do we work?

Our approach to your Energy Projects allows us deliver to bespoke support for our customers at every stage of their carbon reduction and power management journey; from initial consultation through to the implementation of energy-efficient technology, and on-going monitoring and targeting. From the client viewpoint, it’s about results. If it’s going to be complicated to use, success is probably difficult to measure. Take a look at what working with us means. We’ll deliver a package that will work, not because it’s what we’ve got in the warehouse, but because it’s right for the job.


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