A guide to Salix funding: Everything you need to knowEfficient Power Solutions

The EPS guide to Salix funding; everything you need to know

The EPS guide to Salix funding; everything you need to know

What is Salix?

Salix is a funding stream, introduced in 2004, which offers public sector organisations interest free funding for capital energy efficiency projects.

Salix offers support for the installation of over 120 energy saving technologies, and of these, Efficient Power Solutions (EPS) can deliver a significant proportion.

The total funding amount is huge; £460 million since Salix’s inception, with some £116 million saved annually through the energy saving kit provided.

Salix projects pay for themselves from the energy savings made, eliminating the upfront cash required which so often hampers energy efficiency installations.

Who is eligible?

There are various pots of cash available for different public sector organisations. All of them are described below.

A note on schools…

It is important to understand that for schools funding, Salix funds differ depending on whether you are a maintained school, academy or special school.

For example, funding for maintained schools is year round but SEEF funding for academies comes in ‘rounds’, with a deadline attached.

We suggest you check Salix’s own How to Guide. Or, if you are in any doubt, contact Salix themselves and check you are applying into the correct pot: schoolsapplication@salixfinance.co.uk or 0203 102 6903.

The Local Authorities Fund

This pot is for local authorities and their schools, both further and higher education, the NHS and the emergency services. The fund has resulted in over 1,400 clients completing over 12,800 projects to date.

Project criteria in England are up to a maximum 5 year payback, at a cost of £120 per tonne of CO2 over the lifetime of the project.

Higher Education Institutes (HEIs)

This fund has worked with over 100 Higher Education Institutes and supported over 4,000 projects since 2006. HEIs have utilised over £135 million of funding for energy efficiency projects, estimated to save more than £37.5 million and 190,000 tonnes of carbon each year.

Projects are assessed and funding allocated based on value for money both in terms of financial payback on funding requested and estimated carbon savings.

Salix College Energy Fund

Since 2014, Salix has funded over 100 energy efficiency projects in further education colleges, resulting in estimated annual savings of over £1.5 million and 7,500 tonnes of carbon.

Any Further Education College who receives a majority of their income directly from the public sector can apply for funding (6th Form Colleges included).
Projects can have up to a 5 year payback period, at a cost of £120 per tonne of CO2 over the lifetime of the project.

NHS Trusts & Foundation Trusts

Salix’s NHS programme has a compliance criteria of 5 years payback and less than £120 cost per tonne of CO2 over the lifetime of the project. The funding covers over 120 energy efficiency technologies including boilers, combined heat and power, LED and lighting upgrades, plus heat recovery.

Funding for Maintained Schools (SEEF, CIF, Low Energy Pilot, Special Schools)

There are various funding pots, depending on whether you are a maintained school, academy, sixth form college or special school. In all cases over 120 energy efficiency technologies are eligible including lighting, heating and insulation. Projects must pay for themselves within 8 years through their annual energy savings. We can advise you on which funding pot is right for your school.

What type of technologies are eligible?

From the extensive array of technologies supported by Salix, EPS and our partners can directly deliver over 40% of the list.

This ranges from major projects such as CHP, to immediate savings from voltage optimisation, down to individual motor controls. Or, it may be that you want to explore the opportunities around lighting and controls.

Remember, Salix funding can be tailored for multiple solution projects, not only reducing the administrative burden but also ensuring that maximum returns are achieved.

And, EPS can come to site and assess which energy saving technologies, of the 120+ available, offer the best savings and fastest payback for you. Use our detailed understanding, and allow us get on with selecting the very best tech.

How can Efficient Power Solutions help?

We are delighted to support you by helping with the application, and providing the energy saving calculations you need to apply.

Often customers tell us the main hurdle is the application process. We’ll take that burden away from you, managing the whole challenge if necessary.