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What is Voltage Optimisation?

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What is Voltage Optimisation?

Voltage optimisation, voltage stabilisation, voltage regulation or voltage reduction are all technologies which come under the umbrella term of Voltage Management – the principle of reducing inefficient over voltage from the national grid to more efficient levels. If your building or site is supplied with electricity at a higher voltage than needed, you could be wasting energy, money and producing excess carbon emissions.

Why optimise your voltage?

Most incoming UK voltages are not at the 240V we recognise, but fluctuate across a range between 216V and 253V and with an average of 242V. Most electrical equipment operates most effectively at 220V.  Reducing this higher than needed incoming mains voltage saves you money.

You make a power saving because you are using less electricity. How much depends on how high your incoming voltage is and the type of electrical equipment you have.  This can be determined by our Free Site Survey & Energy Audit.

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